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avatar de jamesalbert jamesalbert 2019-11-04 19:17:49

Crab Fishing for High Seas

Hello all,

I wanted to start off with saying I downloaded "High Seas" and I love it. Awesome look, feel, and sound.

I posting here to make the suggestion of adding a crab fishing mode to the game, similar to the process outlined here:

This is mainly inspired by shows like Deadliest Catch. It would be awesome to be able to plot out a course and catch a bunch of king crab :)

If ships become upgradable, you could then use the crab you caught to upgrade certain aspects of the ship.

Just my two cents though. Thoughts?

2019-11-04 19:17:49
avatar de jgauzins jgauzins (Admin) 2019-11-05 16:07:12

Crab Fishing for High Seas

Hello !

Thx for your suggestions and I am glad that you loved our experience :)

Haha crab fishing why not, it could be a interesting way to make the experience better: I am not sure to find themselves in a stormy weather, but I gonna check on Wikipedia 😛

Do you know a VR experience named Bait! ? It's available on Quest, and it was pretty fishing game

2019-11-05 16:07:12
avatar de MehdiTheMedoc MehdiTheMedoc (Admin) 2019-11-05 22:23:57

Crab Fishing for High Seas

Ooooh yeah ! The Deadliest Catch ! I watched this show too on discovery channel when i was living in my parent's house. This was epic haha

This is actually a good way to bring some gameplay and scoring features. Thank you very much for bringing this unusual but cool idea !

2019-11-05 22:23:57
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